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ZXW live is to change the maintenance sector! Have the patience to wait for a while above video tutorials, video content: a brief ZXW supported model, you can check the motherboard empty pin, and bitmaps check broken red line communication, if you use the universal table amount, universal table lights showing through, does not light it means not connected.

ZXW DONGLE addition can check after disconnection, blackfish team now update the latest PDF drawing function! Apple is now free to increase engineering instrument!Even more powerful! Allows you to maintain more easily!

Business honesty, to avoid misunderstanding users ZXW products, briefly explain its function and subsequent charges!

ZXW2.0 new features preview

1, cancel the registration process, automatic registration (which can be opened using a maximum 15 PC use)

2, increasing the element of physical orientation map (physical map of existence, will automatically pop-up form, shortcut T)

3, increase the element of BOM (BOM circumstances exist, it will automatically display)

4, shows the network name (network name can show the presence of the case, click on a pad will appear)

5, increase the network line connection (in the presence of the line, automatic display)

6, an increase of some models Maintenance Solutions (will open another category, there are comments in English)

The three functions ZXW

  • The first point is a bitmap function you can check the motherboard broken and empty pin(Free after one year, you need to pay to use 360 ​​year renewals, renewals can be paid directly at the sea of ​​clouds home)
  • The second is the fruit of four generations repair IMEI and SN platform(After the data header can be purchased DFU free activation platform)
  • The first three are blackfish function, namely the original drawing function is currently free of charge.
  • Want to try ZXW phone repair broken inquiry drawing software?please click heredownloadZXWDemo (iPhone3G)Version, download address:http://pan.baidu.com/s/1c0DzLxm, Extract the password: www.zxwtools.com

On the purchase of packages:

  • Apple engineering line instrument line DFU(Suitable for users already have ZXW drawing dog)48 yuan
  • Apple engineering line instrument DFU line + original V8 line two(Suitable for users already have ZXW drawing dog)= 60 yuan
  • ZXW drawing dog(Get 5 packs)= 500 yuan(The new Standard Edition users)
  • ZXW drawing engineering head + dog +(Get 5 packs)= 548 yuan(New User Advanced Edition)

About Query authentic:

Electron clouds of ZXW TOOLS formal agents! Please open the following URL to see:http://www.zxwtools.com/buy.html


Guangzhou clouds charge detector, send photographed, do not shoot them!

Photographed link:http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1z10.3-c.w4002-6335282069.12.RmsVyt&id=44715067185


ZXW is experienced by the Chinese team a few months of hard self-developed fully independent intellectual property rights Intelligent Maintenance drawing
By no means a certain key forums and through certain websites Personal Emergency something which only a few plants because they stole MOTO models
Many manufacturers have done it three drawings encryption certificate does not have permission to not open such as HTC SAMSUNG
There are more manufacturers no drawing out this time how to do? To break the water machine can not find find drawings
Eye to see the mouth of the duck to fly ZXW is to give you solve this artifact has ZXW move the mouse easy to get line problems
Small investment big return just a few repair the machine? Shoot to kill Yao Yun stack? What are you hesitating? You do not buy to buy peers
Repair will not repair your machine you do not earn money drawing bad repair

ZXW DONGLE operating environment:
For security reasons ZXW DONGE networking requires the user's computer must be able to use this software to work properly
Each dongle Only for registered five times to redo the system does not affect the registration number will not be wasted
ZXW DONGLE Warranty time:
Not covered under warranty Warranty 6 month from the date of registration of the suspected crack dongle and man-made causes of the final interpretation of all teams ZXW
ZXW DONGLE subsequent upgrades need to pay:
The current practice is to follow a one-time buyout will be upgraded subsequent upgrade is required to pay to see how the team decided. ZXW team development is also much investment 4S has several sets of demolition waste. Even if charges I think we will be able to understand that we can accept the price I think there will be free of charge, after all, there will now support these models have very few fixed value of the machine to recover the costs

Phone Category

Model Name

HTC series P800
HTC series S1
HTC series 830
HTC series HD (2012.07.23)
HTC series HD2 (2012.07.05)
HTC series HTC G3 (2012.07.03)
HTC series HTC G5 (HTC G7) (2012.07.17)
HTC series HTC G6 (2012.07.17)
HTC series HTC G8 (2012.07.18)
HTC series HTC G9 (2012.07.19)
HTC series HTC G11
HTC series HTC G12
HTC series HTC G13
HTC series HTC G14
HTC series HTC G21 (2012.07.03)
HTC series HTC T5399 (2012.07.27)
HTC series HTC One-X (2012-11.09)
HTC series HTC One S (2013-04.12)
HTC series HTC One (2013-10.17)
iPhone Series Apple
iPhone Series iPhone1 A (820-2597-A)
iPhone Series iPhone1 B (820-2021-08)
iPhone Series iPhone 3GS (2MV94V-0)
iPhone Series iPhone 3G (E187565)
iPhone Series iPhone4 (820-2548-03)
iPhone Series iPhone4 (820-2548-B) (significant bit number)
iPhone Series iPhone 4S (820-3031-B) (significant bit number)
iPhone Series iPhone4 (820-2548-C)
iPhone Series iPhone4 (WIFI + Bluetooth module) (2012.6.25)
iPhone Series iPhone4 CDMA (820-2766-C)
iPhone Series iPhone5 (820-3141-02) (2012.11.2)
iPhone Series iPhone5 (820-3141-B) (2013.01.29) (significant bit number)
iPhone Series iPhone5S (820-3382-4) (2014.01.17) (significant bit number)
iPhone Series iPhone5S (820-3382-A)(2014.06.10) (significant bit number)
iPhone Series iPhone5S (820-3392-A) (2014.06.30) (significant bit number)
iPhone Series iPhone5C (820-3581-A)(2014.09.23) (significant bit number)
iPhone Series iPhone5S BSOD program
iPhone Series iPhone6 ​​(820-3486-A) (significant bit number)
iPhone Series iPhone6 ​​Plus (820-3675-A)
iPad series iPad 2 [2012-05-08]
iPad series iPad 3 (820-2996-A) [2012-07-13]
iPad series iPad mini
iPad series iPad 4 (2014.05.22 significant digit number)
iPad series iPad Air (2014-07-02 significant digit number)
iPad series iPad mini2 (820-3683-A) (significant bit number)
Millet Series Mi 1 (2013.08.12)
Millet Series Mi2A (2014.05.29 significant digit number)
Millet Series Mi2S (2014.06.17)
Millet Series Mi Red Rice (Red Mi) (2014.07.17 significant digit number)
Millet Series Mi3-TD (2014.08.27 significant digit number)
Millet Series Mi3-WCDMA (2014.11.04 significant digit number)
Millet Series Mi red rice Note (2014.11.19 significant digit number)
LG series KG70
LG series VX9100
LG series VX9700
LG series KP500
LG series VX10000
LG series Nexus 5 (2014-07-24)
LG series G2 (2014-08-14)
NOKIA Series 5800
NOKIA Series 5610
NOKIA Series 6300
NOKIA Series 8600
NOKIA Series E72
NOKIA Series E63
NOKIA Series C5-00
Blackberry HM2
Blackberry HM3
Blackberry HM1
Samsung Series B289 (2008.10.10)
Samsung Series S8300 (REV.0.5)
Samsung Series CC03 (07-03.W6)
Samsung Series W799 (2009.11.04)
Samsung Series W589 (2009.10.15)
Samsung Series W699 (2008.11.06)
Samsung Series 5628 (R04.100129)
Samsung Series S5830 (94V0.1140)
Samsung Series S5830i (rev0.9) (2012.06.08)
Samsung Series S5230 (4909.E2.08)
Samsung Series S3600C (DAP901503)
Samsung Series B2100 (2009.03.20)
Samsung Series B2700 (08.07.29)
Samsung Series W579 (2006.11.03)
Samsung Series W709 (2009.03.14)
Samsung Series S189 (2008.02.02)
Samsung Series W629 (2007.09.06)
Samsung Series S3650 (2009.03.20)
Samsung Series S139 (2006.05.25)
Samsung Series I909 (1046-C3)
Samsung Series B7732 (2010.06.17)
Samsung Series I579 (Rev04)
Samsung Series W899 (Rev1.5)
Samsung Series I589 (Rev06)
Samsung Series I9003 (REV1.0)
Samsung Series I9100 (REV1.3)
Samsung Series I809
Samsung Series W899FPC (REV.0.9)
Samsung Series W899TF (2010.10.04)
Samsung Series W899 (REV: 0.7)
Samsung Series W999 (12.22) (2012.07.03)
Samsung Series i929 (2012.8.20)
Samsung Series i9220 (REV0.7B) (2012.8.20)
Samsung Series i939 (Rev09) (2012.10.08) (significant bit number)
Samsung Series i9300 (2012.10.11) (2013.10.23 update significant digit number)
Samsung Series S7562 (REV05) (2012.11.13) (significant bit number)
Samsung Series N7100 (Note2) (2012.12.18) (significant bit number)
Samsung Series i8190 (REV0.7) (2012.12.28)
Samsung Series i699 (REV06)
Samsung Series W2013 (REV06)
Samsung Series i8160(REV0.6) (2013.04.25)
Samsung Series i535 (2013.05.07)
Samsung Series N719 (2013.05.22)
Samsung Series i9082 (REV1.0)
Samsung Series i939D (REV08)
Samsung Series i9500 (2013.07.12) (significant bit number)
Samsung Series B9120 (REV12) (2013.07.22)
Samsung Series i8552 (REV08) (2013.08.12)
Samsung Series i747 (2013.08.19)
Samsung Series i959 (2013.08.28)
Samsung Series i9505 (2013.09.09)
Samsung Series i9090
Samsung Series i8262
Samsung Series i9200 (2014.01.09)
Samsung Series G3812 (2014.03.14)
Samsung Series G3815 (2014.04.02)
Samsung Series G7106 (2014.04.30)
Samsung Series N9009 (2014.05.09 significant digit number)
Samsung Series i9060 (2014.06.06)
Samsung Series W2014 (2014.06.16)
Samsung Series S7272 (2014.07.17)
Samsung Series N9006 (2014.09.05)
Samsung Series G900F (2014.11.10 significant digit number)
Samsung Series Galaxy A5 (A5000)
Samsung Series Note4 (N910U significant digit number)
Sony Ericsson X10
Sony Ericsson SonyLT15i / LT18i
Sony Ericsson ST15i / ST18i (2013-04-24)
Sony LT29i (2013-04-26)
Sony L36h (2013-11-07)
Qualcomm MXU6219
Qualcomm MSM7625
Qualcomm MSM6800A
Qualcomm MSM6800
Qualcomm MSM6500
Qualcomm MSM6050
Qualcomm QSC6055
Qualcomm QSC6020
Qualcomm QSC1100
MTK MT6253
MTK MT6225
MTK MT6223
MTK MT6219

From: http: //www.zxwtools.com/
TAG: ZXW phone repair drawings ZXW ZXW supported models list iPhone, HTC mobile phone drawing drawing drawing Apple Apple mobile phone repair service the full range of drawing drawing drawing iPhone4s iPhone5 iPad drawing drawing drawing iPhone4 Samsung i9220 mobile phone drawing drawing drawing iPhone phone i9300 N7100 mobile phone drawing drawing HTC one-x Samsung i699 mobile phone drawing Samsung w2013 Samsung N719 Samsung s4 Samsung 9500 Samsung n7100 iPad mini iPhone5s
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Most software platform Screenshot:
About ZXW project head:
XW user only needs 48 cost price can be purchased without usage restrictionsTrigger line, you can avoid the keys enter DFU mode, consistent with the original Apple connector, imported double USB socket, a new definition of Apple engineering line, only 48 yuan, ZXW users can not use the number of restrictions, the purchase ZXW believed to regret your choice .
ZXW project head software upgrade to version 1.3, 3.2 can repair small hard disk SN. ZXW users free updates, the software has been tested can be used normally, the machine can also point 3.1 3.2 Test mode enter a purple screen state, not read into the SN of purple screen user please find their own reasons!

1, the original line to change the volume easy to carry.

Apple production line and using the original engineering wire line, using high-speed FT232RL, original 30P plug, improved connections easily damaged problem, be transformed, and the two inlets Micro USB plug, you can use a commercially common phone lines, this allows a simple and convenient replacement of any defective USB cable.

2, this product into engineering machines, you can enter the purple screen mode(Without any computer operation)

3, the product design of the trigger line, you can make the machine do normal buttons to enter DFU mode, you can tap into the convenient DFU.4, the software for free and open ZXW user, you can use the line after the purchase of the project, without limiting the number, subsequent use without any cost.

Many businesses will launch a number of integrated software, in fact, professional software more useful! Here we can recommend some professional software free sharing:

Apple Special Assistant Elsevier: http: //www.i4.cn/

Brush apple Apple Special Assistant: http: //bbs.weiphone.com/read-htm-tid-4717998.html

Samsung, ZTE, Huawei, HTC Brush assistant: http: //www.dashi.com/

Brush a key more convenient: http: //www.shuame.com/

Domestic mobile phone Android Download ROM website: http: //www.ydss.cn/ydss_rom-index.html

Perfect Brush tool, easy to use, N7100 water line brush ROM, N7000 change brush 9220,9300 9308

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